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11 East Center Street, Hernando, MS

If you registered with us for the 2020 sale and you already have a consignor number, scroll to the bottom of the page and click the books icon to register for the 2021 sale. You do not need a new number and all your previously unsold, undonated inventory will still be available in your account. You will only need to retag your inventory if you change the price or the barcode is damaged.

The NMHEA curriculum sale is organized as a consignment sale for the benefit of our homeschool families. When the inventory is consigned we can sort it by grade and subject which allows you to walk in and go to the specific curriculum you are looking for so much faster and easier. Each consignor that registers, sets their own prices, prints and applies their own tags, and drops off and picks up their own inventory. Consignors keep 70% of their sales unless they volunteer to work at least one 2 hour shift, at which point they will keep 80% of their sales.

Drop off appointments should be scheduled online once you register. Drops offs will be made at Hernando Baptist Church on June 25th between 5pm and 10pm. You MUST have a drop off appointment in order to have your inventory checked in.

The inventory you may consign is anything that you use for home education including, but not limited to, purchased curriculum, non-copyrighted printed curriculum, and self published curriculum. Manipulables and library materials like reading and reference books are also acceptable.

You may enter and edit inventory until June 24th at midnight. At that time public access will end so we may prep the system for the sale. A current list of inventory can be seen by clicking below.

From 11am – 12pm all merchandise will be discounted 50% off!

Registration for this consignment sale costs $5.  This ensures we can pay our software fee, which means you get to keep more of your sales revenue.

Click here to register for the upcoming sale. (If you never registered before.) If you sold with us last year, scroll to the bottom of the page and click the books icon to go your consignor page to register for this year as a returning seller.

Watch the below videos for specific information on entering inventory and printing tags and reports. This video also gives instruction on pulling inventory from a previous sale to this year.

How to enter inventory and print tags.

You can use any brand of Address label paper you would like as long as it corresponds to Avery 5160.  

Here is the printable Inventory Worksheet for creating your inventory list. Click the link to open it and print as many as you think you will need.  There are 30 lines per page.

Applying tags and prepping for drop off.
  • Be sure to apply your sale tag over the existing UPC of the book.
  • Be sure to prepare your books for drop off by packing them in numerical order.
How to schedule a drop off appointment, pickup appointment, and sign up for a volunteer shift.
  • Print your inventory list and bring it with you.
  • Schedule your drop off and pick up appointments.
  • Schedule a work shift to keep an additional 10% of sales.

Email me at info@consignyourbooks.com if you have any questions regarding using the consignment sale system.

Click the books below to go to the consignor inventory software.

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