One of the hardest things to do with homeschool is find a place to keep it all. This is where you get to be creative.  Depending on how many children and how many courses you have and how you are taking the courses will dictate your storage and technology needs.

You will want a space for each child to keep their school books. Assigning a shelf or plastic crate or basket may be all you need. Some homeschoolers color code their children.  This would make it very easy to tell who has whose pencil and which binder is whose and which matching color cubby, crate, or bin it should go back into.  

Understanding your child’s learning style can also help you to design your education space as well. If a child is an auditory learner, they may need peace and quiet to focus. A visual learner, doesn’t do well with people walking in and out or a window to look out of. Kinesthetic learners may need to be in a space that allows them to sit more comfortably or get up and move.

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