Virtual Co-op

In light of recent events we have all become familiar with virtual meetings and classrooms. As a result, it has opened up new opportunities and ideas for class sharing. As a group we have received a free G-Suite account for Education via Google. If you would like to setup a co-op class using this system and all the additional tools it allows not available on a typical google account, contact for more information.

Training will be provided and setup help is available, if needed. There is no cost to use our account, but you can create an income stream through teaching a class that you would teach anyway by adding a few students. The scalability is endless and you can determine how many spots you have each year. Start small with 2-3 and then add more each year as you desire. Teach the classes your kids are taking and/or decide your level of involvement. It’s up to you! You could create your own school system!

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